Academic Scholarships in the U.S. for Cannabis Related Studies

As we all know higher education for any subject can be quite costly, and many seeking a college degree need some sort of financial assistance. While there are thankfully many scholarships available of all kinds, there are now scholarships being offered specifically to support students who are passionate about embarking on a career in cannabis. 


While the cannabis industry continues to make leaps and bounds as being recognized for its market growth and legitimacy of the plant’s medicinal benefits, the industry is also being well-regarded by some institutions of higher education. In 2017 Northern Michigan University was the first public university to offer a degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry. More recently, non for profit colleges like Colorado State University and Western Illinois University have already announced that they will be offering curriculums for majors and minors in cannabis biology and cannabis agriculture in the upcoming fall semesters of 2020. 

The innovative Cannatech company connects prospective patients with licensed medical doctors that allow them to be approved for the medical cannabis program in the state they reside. They are also eager about spreading cannabis knowledge through education and have just announced that they are offering 10 $1,000 scholarships to students efforting to make a difference in cannabis studies, research, business, economics, and overall innovation.

They will be choosing their awardees based on submissions that show a student’s combination of knowledge and passion for the awareness, community, sustainability, and future of cannabis. The scholarship encourages any student that is currently enrolled in a college or university, a recent high school grad, or high school senior to apply. All materials must be submitted by July 20th, 2020. To find out all the details about materials to submit, read the requirements posted on their website

Happy Valley

A Massachusets based cannabis dispensary that is proud to be pioneering authenticity by consistently creating a premium cannabis experience for their customers is now offering a $2,500 scholarship to any current college student that seeks to further education and information on the benefits of medical cannabis. Though they are a Massachusetts based dispensary, they encourage students from any U.S. college or University to apply. 

They will choose their winners based on the most compelling essays that showcase how the student is changing the perception on the cannabis industry. The deadline for students to submit materials is August 1st 2020. Visit their site for more information on requirements and qualifications. 


Among one of the most popular cannabis related podcasts currently available for streaming is CannaInsider, a podcast that includes interviews from some of the most influential people in the cannabis industry. The show’s host is gangapreneur Matt Kind, who wants to encourage college students to follow their big dreams in a cannabis career. Each year he offers $1,500 – $,3,000 to 1 or 2 students looking to make those dreams come true.

This scholarship is available in both the U.S.and Canada each academic year. The awardees for the upcoming school year have already been chosen but students can check back later in the year to apply for the following year.

American Chemical Society 

The historic and well regarded American Chemical Society is the world’s largest scientific society with a mission to advance chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the good of the people and the planet. In 2015 they created the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision (CAAN) as a subgroup within the organization. For those interested in studying the chemistry behind the cannabis plant, the ACS offers anywhere from $500 – $1,500 to each winning applicant that submits their academic research on the plant. Not to mention, this scholarship isn’t just available for students, it’s also available to researchers and professionals outside of the world of academia. 

Awardees for this scholarship are chosen based on their research and are given the opportunity to present their findings at the yearly ACS National Meeting & Exposition. To be considered for the following year, applicants must submit their research by July 1st. Resumes/ CV’s, abstract findings, and study titles should be sent to in order to be considered.