We are a group of cannabis cultivation professionals ready to help you create the cultivation facility of your dreams.

At Agriculture by Design our team has over three decades of experience in construction and over a decade in the cannabis industry. As a team of experts, we take pride in providing exceptional professional services for all levels of licensed growers in all states where cannabis is legal.


Each member of our team has a unique background in the areas of construction, finance, and cannabis cultivation. After several years of working together on various large and small projects, in 2019 Daniel, Chris, and Jonny decided to combine their areas of expertise to form a partnership for cannabis cultivation construction –– alas Agriculture by Design was born.  


We consider ourselves pioneers in a new, promising industry and we are setting the bar high. Our mission is to provide each one of our customers with a simple and robust cultivation facility that can sustain long term, efficient functionality and produce highly desirable product. 

Meet our Team

Daniel Afari

Daniel comes from a family of construction professionals. His father founded their family construction company, Samson Builders, in 1986. When Daniel joined the family business he oversaw numerous large-scale construction projects for residential and commercial buildings, including the rebuilding of millions of square feet of property after the 1995 Northridge earthquake. In addition to working for Samson Builders, he also oversaw the financing of projects for Wiseman Residential, a well-known apartment development company.


Daniel has always had a passion for cannabis cultivation. At one point, he attended and graduated law school with the intention of legalizing cannabis. Since he graduated law school in 2005, he has been advocating for the legalization of cannabis, participating as an active member of the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force.  In 2009, he began cultivating cannabis and building indoor cultivation facilities. He has designed and built various commercial cultivation facilities for licensed holders across the country. Currently, his main focus is building several state of the art indoor cultivation facilities and green house projects while simultaneously operating a cultivation management team.


When Daniel isn’t working with cultivators, he likes to spend his free time with his family. Him and his wife find great joy in parenting their 2 young children. They enjoy spending time together as a family riding their bikes up and down the beautiful Southern Californian coastline.

Chris Dillon

Christopher is a Project Manager/CEO at CWDillon Builders/ Dillon Construction Inc. and  is responsible for controlling budgets, negotiating subcontracts, and providing day-to-day communication. Christopher holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with owners, architects, and engineers, resulting in successful construction experiences.


Christopher also has a broad background in construction contract scenarios, including design-build, guaranteed maximum price (GMP), cost plus fixed fee, and hard bid. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work with clients such as Related, Webcor Builders, Trumark, Lendlease, DPS and VPS and has years of experience in residential, retail, and commercial construction. 


In addition to having a successful career, Christopher also considers himself a family man. He and his wife Martha are proud parents of their 2 young daughters, Samantha and Vivian. When he’s not working on construction or with his family, you can catch him on the field and in the dugout coaching his local high school baseball team.

Johnny Martinez

Johnny is a third generation carpenter from a family of construction professionals. He spent over 10 years as a union contractor working on commercial and residential buildings and eventually made a friend in the cannabis industry who asked him to build walls for a well-known SoCal dispensary. Impressed by Johnny’s work, he asked him to help build multiple dispensaries and grow rooms all around California.


Johnny quickly realized that it was time to start his own business so he teamed up with his friend Chris Dillon to create Dillion Construction Inc. However, their business plans came to bit of a halt when Johnny’s then 4 year old daughter Riley was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer and his focus changed to his daughter’s medical condition.


After hearing about how much the treatment was taking a toll on his daughter, a friend of Johnny’s recommended she try his brand’s CBD extract. Grateful yet cautious, Johnny decided to give her small dosages… the effects were profound.  The CBD was an immense help in getting her through months of chemotherapy and radiation. Now cancer-free, Riley is a poster child for CBD extracts. Together, Riley, Johnny, his significant other Brittney, their new son John, and their other daughter Devon show their support for cancer patients by participating in cancer charity events throughout the year. 


With a major focus back on Dillon Construction, Johnny, Chris, and their Rudeboy building crew have built over 1,000 grow rooms.

How They Came Together

After years of each of them working on their own projects, Chris and Johnny finally met Daniel while working on a project together. They quickly hit it off and were admirable of each other’s accomplishments. They came to the realization that the 3 of them made a terrific team and decided to come together to form their own united team of cannabis construction professionals.

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